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Personal Injury

L ife is a wonderful thing and no one ever thinks devastating events are going to affect them or their family.  Unfortunately, bad things happen to good and honest people every day. All it takes is one moment of distraction. A driver takes his eyes off the road and slams into your car. A company tries to cut costs by using cheaper materials and their product blows up in your face.  Suddenly, your normal life turns into a nightmare in just a few seconds.

Home and hospital visits are available if you are not able to travel. Our personal injury attorneys can meet with you at a convenient location to discuss your personal injury claim and help you determine the best course of action.

When an individual or business’s negligence causes serious personal injury, you need the best legal help available to prove liability and recover damages for the harm you have suffered. At FDBA Law personal injury is an integral part of what we do. Louis A. Berns has devoted the last 25 years exclusively to helping clients who have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of others.

Over the years we have seen, repeatedly, how negligence has devastated lives, not only for the injured, but also for their families. The burdens of pain, medical expenses, lost income and rehabilitation, have sentenced many personal injury victims and their families to a long struggle of rebuilding lives that are forever changed.

If you are injured, getting medical care and treatment is your number one priority. But the next step is choosing a qualified personal injury attorney to protect your interests and make sure that those who harmed you compensate you for the damages they caused. We care about your future and stand ready to fight for your legal rights. We will aggressively pursue compensation for your losses, when you are seriously hurt or have lost a loved one because of someone else’s negligence.

There is no charge for a consultation to evaluate your situation and determine if you have grounds to file a lawsuit. Our lawyers take personal injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay us unless we recover damages on your behalf. We have helped thousands of clients, and we can help you, too.